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Deathracks By Deathrig

Death Hinge

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Presenting the Deathrack Death hinge system 

From day 1 of Deathracks we’ve been hit up about hinge options. Truth be told - the reason we began designing racks is because I wasn’t confident in any hinge systems available on the market in terms of existing options. We’ve all seen them fail. Destroying bikes - or just generally having terrible slop. The flaws we could rant on for days. But instead - we have a solution. 

Few specs on the new system below

cnc cut 10mm plate ✅

dual tapered needle bearing stub axle assembly (these are fully rebuildable/regreasable) ✅

dual 16mm 8t rated safety pins ✅

heavy duty lockdown handle ✅

no drilling large holes in your shs ✅

lockout point at 45 degree tilt for rear access ✅