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Deathracks By Deathrig

Death plate deluxe plate holder and light bar

Regular price $300.00 AUD
Regular price Sale price $300.00 AUD

The Deathplate deluxe light bar/number plate holder. 

Made from cnc cut folded sheet aluminium with steel inserts bolted to it to accept the magnet attached wireless tail light assemblies. 

These lights are badass - rechargeable via 240 or 12v. 10 hours of constant run time or up to 36 of day time use (while headlights aren’t on) No cables to get tangled up. Simply plug the transmitter direct to your trailer plug and pair with lights. Magnetic attachment with a 20 metre range so can be run on your trailer aswell without the need for cables. 

ally plate straps to back wheels, can also mount directly to your rack. Or remove the lights from it and clip them onto your steel rack wherever suits. 

plenty of cheaper options around - these badboys ain’t about a cheap option. They are about a better solution.