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Deathracks By Deathrig

Deathrack bolt together gusset option

Regular price $250.00 AUD
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Add these to make your rack fully bolt together. 
Badass Deathrig logo gusset

9 piece add on - held together by 10 8.8 grade 14mm bolts. 

Design aspect means minimising stresses on welds. Maximising rack strength. 

cnc cut 5mm steel. 

means you can buy a secondary basket setup and swap between rack assemblies - 6 bike rack one week for big shuttle days. 2 bike the next for the casual enduro weekend

AND - our new snowboard rack system will be here in around 2 weeks ready for winter. They will adapt to our original models however this way you will be able to convert your vertical carrier bike rack to a dedicated snowboard rack for winter sessions.