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Deathracks By Deathrig

Earthquake trail tool

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The Earthquake trail finishing tool. 

400 x 225 dimensions. 
3mm mild steel. 

accepts a 45mm Hoe handle direct from Bunnings ($22 to purchase)


this tool is designed for finishing. It’s not a digger. It’s not a root cutter. 

It’s for tamping. Grooming and shaping those finished trails. Use it to tamp down soil as you build, use the coarse rack to brush out any larger rocks on the top later to the perfect shape and then compact.  further trail tools are in the works.


the idea of this tool is eliminate the need for a rake + compactor. It does both  


supplied completely welded. Inc bolts You need to add the handle setup and simply drill holes in the timber handle for the bolts to pass through.