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Deathracks By Deathrig

Nukem XL

Regular price $1,600.00 AUD
Regular price Sale price $1,600.00 AUD

Nukem deluxe XL - the big dog  these units accept 350mm cookware

woodfire cooker that will outlast the apocalypse. 

6 mm Corten weathering steel construction - left raw to age and weather naturally providing a protective “rust” coating that will never attack the metal. 

10mm mild steel grill cooking plate - flame grill directly over your flame or throw in the 10mm blank off plate for direct hot searing which converts the oven back into the standard Nukem pizza oven assembly. 

The footprint of these is 500x500 

included is a drop on door for the top oven temp control, fire prodder, one of our deluxe burger smashers along with a quality temp gauge  

these units can quite easily see temps of up to 1200f and will cook a woodfire pizza in 60 seconds. Or control flame positioning to maintain a nice hot oven temp of 400f - you can even let the fire burn down and slowly feed it to have a slow cooking 250f oven. 

The unit itself weighs 80ks plus accessories

You can elect for handles to be installed if planning on using portable free of charge. 

1 week lead time on production ready for freight. 

pickup available 1 hour south of Sydney